IMGA 2017 Member Guest

The Ironwood Men’s Golf Association Member Guest Tournament was played on February 7, 2017

Click on this link to view our Member/Guest video

2017 MEMBER/GUEST Winners

1st FLIGHT                                             6th FLIGHT       
1st   Jack Lehmkuhl                                    1st   Don Nielson
2nd Tim Atkison                                         2nd Ken Kittelson
3rd  Ken Ratliff                                            3rd Gary Tanghe
4th  Joe Vitton                                             4th Gene Valenta
5th  Doug Currie                                          5th Neal Skinner

2nd FLIGHT                                           CLOSEST TO PIN
1st   Ray Paiva                                                 #6  Ray Paiva
2nd Lloyd Entringer                                     #17 Rich Johnson
3rd  Howard Dielmann
4th  Bill Beltz                                                 Longest Putt
5th  Don Niziolek                                           #18 Ken Ratliff

3rd FLIGHT                                              Center Line
1st   Al Gibbs                                                     #1 Doug Currie
2nd Harry Johnson
3rd Gregg Johnson
4th Bruce Wright
5th Ray Hames

1st   Lloyd Schaeffer
2nd Joe D’Amore
3rd Tom Wheaton
4th Bruce Wright
5th Tom Rau

1st   Gary Hutchinson
2nd Tom Shelton
3rd  Mike Ludwig
4th  Gary Voelker
5th  John White

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